New Promotion!! Special xCash Offer with iPhone 12

New Promotion!! Special xCash Offer with iPhone 12

xCash members who buy an iPhone 12 today, get free McDonald's coupons worth 150 baht.

Terms & Condition

    1. xCash customers who use at least 15,000 xCashPoint in purchasing an iPhone12 get free McDonald's discount coupons worth 150 baht.

    2. You can pay with cash, credit card, or further points on top of the 15,000 xCashPoint.

    3. The discount coupons will be automatically added to the account used for the transaction on the following Monday.

    4. You will receive 3 discount coupons, each for 50 baht, for a total value of 150 baht.

    5. Please present your cash coupons to McDonald’s staff when paying.

    6. Only 1 McDonald's cash coupon can be used on each purchase. Change will not be given on purchases of less than 50 baht.

    7. You can use 1 code only with each receipt.

    8. Please present your McDonald's cash coupons through the xCash application. We reserve the right not to accept coupons shown as screenshots on a phone or computer, or any photos, in all cases.

    9. McDonald's cash coupons can be used at participating McDonald's branches, except at airport branches, EmQuartier, online ordering services, and takeaways orders.

    10. McDonald's cash coupons cannot be exchanged or converted to cash.

    11. McDonald's cash coupons can be used until 31 December 2020.

    12. The company reserves the right to change details and conditions of this promotion without prior notice in the event of a technical error or a product being out of stock.

    13. This promotion does not provide cashback.

    Promotion period 27 November - 31 December 2020